The boutique hotel of Noordwijk

We believe leisure is an art


Boutique hotel Noordwijk

Our rooms are designed to transport you into an environment made for leisure. Take your mind off the day-to-day of home life and find a private paradise along the beaches of Noordwijk.

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Noordwijk, beach town with a royal history

Vesper Hotel sits in front of the famous Noordwijk Boulevard, which stretches along 13 kilometers of the North Sea. The boulevard offers a stunning array of activities for the curious traveler.

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An enticing cocktail & gastronomic experience

As the sun sets and the sky turns purple, we celebrate the violet hour and the end of the day before welcoming the start of the night.

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Leave your worries in the sand

We love living near the beach. Being close to the sea and all that sand puts us in a different kind of mindset–time appears to stop when we dip our toes in the water.

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